Chipped or Broken Tooth in Perth, Dental Sports Injuries

Dentist in Perth when you have Broken, Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Dentist in Perth operates until 11 PM we have seen many urgent tooth problem that require immediate medical attention.

Normally a dental facility is closed at these hours, but an emergency dentist can help you even after work hours.

Typical emergency situations usually involve:

  • Emergency dental need due to a broken, chipped or cracked tooth

This needs to be treated straight away with antibiotics and pain relief as above, and followed up with professional dental care.

  • Emergency dental need due to front tooth has come out after an accidentWe will attempt to save the tooth.
  • Emergency dental need due to severe infection


Please call our after hours dentist Perth for more advice on your dental emergency.

Call  (08) 6119 9605 to book your appointment.


We are available at the following timings at our Nedlands and Yokine locations.

Call  (08) 6119 9605  to book your appointment.

Emergency Dentist Perth – Office Hours

Monday: 8am-11pm
Tuesday: 8am-8pm
Wednesday: 8am-11pm
Thursday: 8am-10pm
Friday: 8am-10m
Saturday: 8am-11pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm

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