Can Emergency Dentists Do Root Canal?


If you experience a toothache that is persistent or severe, you may have an infected tooth. You should make an emergency appointment to receive a root canal and have your tooth restored.

We make sure that our patients are informed of the signs and symptoms of infected teeth. At Emergency Dentist Perth, we provide emergency care and skilled root canal therapy, and we want our patients to be aware of the signs and symptoms of infected teeth. Here are a few things to remember about root canal therapy and emergency dental care in Perth. 

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Root Canals Are Performed by Emergency Dentists Who Are Fully Qualified

If you’re wondering if an emergency dentist can do a root canal, the answer is “absolutely!” During dental school, all dentists are taught how to perform root canal therapy. Any certified emergency dentist can perform a root canal at Emergency Dentist Perth.

In fact, for a root canal, an emergency dentist is frequently the best option. You can get care right away rather than waiting for an appointment with a specialist endodontist. The sooner you receive a root canal, the better your chances of saving your tooth are.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is frequently depicted in the media as a painful dental operation, but this is not the case. When a tooth becomes infected, the dentist should remove the affected tissue in order to prevent the infection from spreading. Also, this technique relieves the pain caused by the infection.

The tooth roots and pulp will be flushed out, but the tooth will remain in situ. They’ll make sure it’s properly cleaned before sealing the hole with gutta-percha, a specific substance. To keep the tooth intact and secure, you may need a filling or a crown. It normally takes one to two hours to complete the treatment.

Unbearable Tooth Pain

Anyone who is in excruciating pain will seek emergency dental care. A toothache is nothing compared to the pain caused by a damaged pulp chamber. It makes it difficult for you to sleep or concentrate on duties.

Waiting until the next working day is rarely an option when this happens. You’ll be desperate for an end to your agony. Your teeth will be examined by an emergency dentist, who may recommend that you get an emergency root canal.

Pus Coming From a Tooth

When a tooth becomes infected, pus may come out from the surrounding area. This is a telltale indicator of an infection that necessitates immediate medical attention. While an infected tooth can be treated simply in its early stages, waiting too long might have disastrous repercussions. The infection could lead to loss of teeth and spread to other parts of the body, including the heart and brain. If the dentist believes you cannot wait any longer, an emergency root canal will be performed to save the tooth.

A Tooth That Has Been Damaged

A root canal might be required if a tooth was seriously injured by trauma and you don’t want to lose it. Because this damage frequently reaches the pulp, you will typically feel discomfort and pain every time something touches the tooth.

The pulp and nerves can be removed with a root canal. The dentist will then use a dental crown to reconstruct the tooth’s appearance after relieving the pain.

Discolouration of the Teeth

A discoloured tooth could indicate that the tooth’s nerves have been injured. If the discolouration is accompanied by discomfort or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, a root canal will almost certainly be required to save the tooth. A crown can be used to restore a yellow tooth, just like it can be used to fix a broken or cracked tooth.


Toothache isn’t something to be taken lightly. A slight soreness that persists can quickly escalate into a terrible scenario. You can receive an emergency root canal at our Perth clinic to avoid long-term harm. Please make an appointment to speak with our dentist about the best treatment options for your tooth.

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